How to Prepare for Backcountry Hiking?

There is a special feeling about going backcountry hiking. Backcountry hiking means leaving behind the modern luxuries and relying on yourself and your companions to survive the wild. Backcountry hiking will challenge you hence the need to prepare accordingly. You need to carry enough gear and food just to be comfortable and safe.

The trail distance and weather determine what to carry. You can categorize items to carry under sleeping, clothing, cooking, emergency, and important gears. If you’re looking to experience some wild animals, then consider carrying a compact binocular, Optics Addict has some great reviews if you’re looking for some binoculars on the market. After all, you don’t want to miss those great sceneries after a long day of hiking.

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How to Make Tent Camping More Comfortable?

There are different types of sleeping bags out there designed for different needs. These include the rectangular bag, mummy bag, and double bag. Rectangular bags are the most common offering a cozier feeling. However, they tend to offer little room for the legs. Mummy bags, on the other hand, are lightweight and warmer. They are perfect for backpackers since they are easy to carry. Campers can enjoy tons of warmth using these bags. Lastly, we have a double bag which is a full-size bag for 2-person sleeping. They are perfect for for a 2-person tent where partners can snuggle together.

In conclusion, the tips above will greatly increase your comfort when camping and make the experience more enjoyable. Of course, you can not have the most comfortable and enjoyable camping trip without having a good camping tent, for finding the best rated camping tents on the market, ABC-Of-RockClimbing has published a great review that we would suggested you to check out!

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