How to Make Tent Camping More Comfortable?

Camping is fun, exciting and enjoyable. However, there is one major drawback of camping outdoors. You’re going to give up all your luxuries and comforts at home. This is an exciting moment to shed away some of the modern luxuries and get closer to nature. Getting comfortable sleep is the most difficult part. You will surely miss your high-density mattress and bedding.

However, camp tenting can be more comfortable and enjoyable if you prepare well and have all the essential gear. Below, we discuss some of the ways to make tent camping more comfortable and enjoyable.

Tips to make tent camping more comfortable

How was your last tent camping experience? Did your tent shield you well from cold, sun, rain and other weather elements? How about where you slept? You don’t have to sleep on hard, cold or damp grounds. Getting the right gear is the first step towards a comfortable camping experience.

Choose the ideal sleeping bag

Getting the best quality sleeping bag will not guarantee your comfort. You’re not going to throw the bag on the ground and expect to sleep comfortably. The right gear will guarantee you maximum comfort in the wild.

There are different types of sleeping bags out there designed for different needs. These include the rectangular bag, mummy bag, and double bag. Rectangular bags are the most common offering a cozier feeling. However, they tend to offer little room for the legs. Mummy bags, on the other hand, are lightweight and warmer. They are perfect for backpackers since they are easy to carry. Campers can enjoy tons of warmth using these bags. Lastly, we have a double bag which is a full-size bag for 2-person sleeping. They are perfect for a 2-person tent where partners can snuggle together.

You also need to ensure your sleeping bag meets the sleeping conditions. A good example is when camping in a warm climate in the summer. You will not require a heavy-duty sleeping bag.

Get a sleeping pad

While a sleeping bag can offer comfort, a sleeping pad makes the experience even better. Sleeping pads are an added barrier between the ground and the sleeping bag. Imagine a sleeping pad as your mattress back home. They offer campers a softer surface to place their sleeping bag. Make sure you choose a sleeping pad that fits inside your camping tent. There are usually different forms of sleeping pads out there to consider.

One can choose from self-inflating pads, air pads, and closed-cell pads. Self-inflating pads offer a ton of warmth but cost more. They are also prone to punctures. Closed-cell pads are the most basic and readily available. They are cheap and pretty lightweight hence easy to carry. However, these are not the most comfortable but better than sleeping on bare grounds. Lastly, you can choose the air pads which stand out as the best. They are very comfortable and offer excellent insulation cold. Air pads are extremely lightweight and easy to carry. However, they cost more and one must be willing to spend more.

Eye mask and earplugs

These might seem like petty gears but they play a crucial role in ensuring comfortable sleep. an eye mask is ideal for persons that wake up late. You don’t want the morning sun hitting your eyes. Eye masks can give you a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning.

Earplugs also protect you from the loud noises in the woods. You don’t want to wake up with every cracking of a branch or chirping sounds or birds.

Extra sleeping clothes

The last thing you want to experience is going to sleep with the same clothing you wore during the day. Make sure you pack a few extra clothes and sleep wearing fresh clean clothes. This adds to your comfort during the night.

Find a good camping site

Apart from the gears, you need to select a good campsite. Choose a level and dry ground to set up your tent. Dry grounds ensure there are no leaking waters. You can also carry a picnic table with you and set up a fire for added warmth before going to sleep.

The ideal campsite must be close to the restroom and showers.

Extra tips for increased tent camping comfort

  • Keep food away from the tent to keep wild animals away from the tent. This is necessary especially when camping in areas with bears
  • Try and practice your normal sleep routine
  • Stay close to the water source as you will need a lot of water in the camp.
  • Have a bathroom plan
  • Have some source of light with you when sleeping. This can be a flashlight or a headlamp.
  • Put a pair of sandals close to you when sleeping in case you want to use the bathroom at night.

The verdict

In conclusion, the tips above will greatly increase your comfort when camping and make the experience more enjoyable. Of course, you can not have the most comfortable and enjoyable camping trip without having a good camping tent, for finding the best rated camping tents on the market, ABC-Of-RockClimbing has published a great review that we would suggested you to check out!

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