Thanks to the interstate highway system, it is now possible to travel across the country from coast to coast…without seeing anything.        John Steinbeck

What a sad reality. For many, contact with the natural world has been reduced to what can be seen from a speeding vehicle, or perhaps the occasional roadside pullout.  The reality is that the vast areas of the most stunning landscapes on the planet can only be accessed on foot.  If your longings are for a trek around your neighborhood or across a continent, we have the gear and the know-how to make your dreams a reality.

North Georgia Mountain Outfitters exists to inspire and enable our clientele to comfortably and confidently experience the wonder and beauty of the great Outdoors. 

Our business is family owned and operated by folks who love the outdoors. For more years than we like to admit, we have been hiking, climbing, biking, and paddling every chance we get. Our adventures have taken us from the Southern Appalachians to the Rockies; from New England to the Desert Southwest; from the Pacific Northwest to Alaska and the Yukon.

Most of our adventures have been on foot, by bicycle, or in a canoe or kayak. There is something about traveling under your own power that adds a richness to the journey that is just not available for other modes of travel.

Our desire is that you and your loved ones can comfortably and confidently explore the great outdoors just as we have.  Come put our experience to work for you as you plan your next outdoor adventure!